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Title: Virus " hi. how are you? " serang FB ?
written on Thursday @ Thursday, July 21, 2011 ✈{ 0 comments }

Virus " hi. how are you? " serang Faceb0ok ? myb u all da twu virus nie 0 lbih dkenali sbgai Virus Koobface
ad jgk yg ate nie ukn srgn virus but DDOS attack.. whteva it is,, virus nie amat brbhaya n ssh utk dkwl oleh antivirus..
antara laman2 sosial popular yg telah dserang :

  • IM
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Tagged
* n byk lagi rgkaian s0sial laen..

skrg tnga hangt dperktekan tentang Virus " hi. how are you? " serang faceb0ok..
s0,, amik larr lgkh bgje2 blew brfaceb0ok yewp..

Ap Virus " hi. how are you? " Cm ane serngan dy ? Nk twu ? Bce kart bwa nie ^^

1. Virus nie tersebr mlalui chat b0x / IM u all..
     hi. how are you?
2. lpz 2 u all reply.. n then dy akn anta :
Wanna laugh? :)
3. lpz u all reply.. dy anta :
It is you on the video?)) want to see?)
4. paz 2 dy akn anta 1 link.. * jgn bkk ukey * link 2 larr Virus..

s0,, ambik larr lgkh elak facebook hacking.. make sure jgk u all gne anivirus ori n up 2 date pd lappy 0 else..

Nk twu cara nak hapus Virus " hi. how are you? " ? click SINI ukey ^^
h0pe sdikit sbyk dpt mmbn2 u all dlm cara nk get rid latest virus on facebook nie yewp..
that's all.. salam..

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