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“You're so convinced you'll disappoint people if you show them that you're not perfect. You don't realize you are perfect. Your imperfections are what make you perfect. They make you you. That's what people love. It's what I love too.”

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Virus " hi. how are you? " serang FB ?
♥ me n LISA SURIHANI r alike ♥
perrhh.. maluuu larr ! ==
kwg ajaw ! :P
better : (
let me die :'(
WHY ??!
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Title: G-sh0ck @ baby-G pink ?
written on Friday @ Friday, July 29, 2011 ✈{ 0 comments }

salam bl0ggers..
ary 2 eyna ad ary kantin..s0 tl0ng r ckewt jual 4 klz II dahlia..
ttbe t6pk jam pink nie.. arggh !
mmg cnteq ccgt jam 2.. jleezz suda :P
n then,, tgk r plk 0wg yg pky jam 2..
llky ? jam h0t pink ? ahax XD
da larr pkay jam baby-G k0wt ,, baby face plk 2 ! HAHA
hurm.. abg 2 cute r jgk.. but,, 4 me jam dy ag cute ^_^ haha..
x twu nme dy p.. tp 4 sure klz GB sbb dy pgg cmera DSLR ary 2 =)
haha.. btw,, act..abg 2 pky jam G-Sh0ck laa..
ap daa k0runk :P
G-sh0ck : Men 
Baby-G : Ladies
ske abg 2 ? 0f c0z n0t.. jam dy jwk ukey..
cpw yg da sala phm 2.. arp maklum keyh : )



al0rhh..nk jam yg art ats nie.. PINK Baby-G !

p/s : GB stands 4 Grafik Berk0mputer

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