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“You're so convinced you'll disappoint people if you show them that you're not perfect. You don't realize you are perfect. Your imperfections are what make you perfect. They make you you. That's what people love. It's what I love too.”

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Arrgghh ! Zombie !!
bwu na bli : (
Ta Tk0wt Own Laa (kowt)
Assalamualaikum..pergh ! mmg glew art ck0la td.. s...
adk tade..eyna x pt bbke cm bse :(
Afif ! The Yell0w P0lka D0t :P
Puasee3 !


Title: Atikah's Surprise Bday Party
written on Sunday @ Sunday, October 09, 2011 ✈{ 2 comments }

salam bloggers,,
semalam mmg ari yang paleng bermakna buat eyna n kengkawan :)
mmg bez gilerr.. act,, semalam bday kwn baek eyna.. bday Atikah B.A.H ^^
die memang terkejut habes bile kitorang tibe2 terjah n spray kat die ramai2 ! HAHA !
tengok gmbar nie :)

mmg sy0k gilerrr ! ;D
smpai si Atikah nie p0wn jadik pneng.. huahaha ~

mmg sy0k abezz.. hehe ! cyan tqa kne spray banyak2..
wekk ! :P sape sw0 ari jadik kaw semalam.. huhu ~

it'z tyme t0 mke a wish ^^

pt0ng cake !!

jum2 makan ramai2 ;D

luv that gift ! specially fr0m us :) d0mo kun 4 tqa !!

banyak nyerr dia dapat adyahh.. untung2 ^^

ta kan dapat lupe diz preci0us m0ment !!
eppy bufday Atikah !!
sayang kaw <3 ^^

that's all.. bubye.. salam :)

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